Interesting Question

This is a blog where I will do stuff.  It will be cool.  It will be insane.  The blog will include features such as posts, comments, graphics, AM/FM radio, air conditioning, bad stuff, crazy stuff, good stuff, bogus stuff, other stuff, smoked herring, a thousand gold dinars, the mountains of Kaf, a pavilion decked out in sumptuous finery, a thousand camels loaded with jewels, and a crumpled up newspaper.

There will be innumerable advantages to this blog.  It will surpass all others.  Let me give you just a tiny demonstration of the awesome power that this blog will unleash upon the world.  Tremble in fear, scoundrel!


Big Glove Boxing!


Such is Kirdjali!


  1. brenbarn
    Posted 2010/11/11 at 20:49 | Permalink

    wow this is rad

  2. bogus
    Posted 2010/11/11 at 20:52 | Permalink

    this is lame

  3. your mom
    Posted 2011/11/03 at 13:00 | Permalink

    i am so fat

  4. your mom
    Posted 2011/11/03 at 13:00 | Permalink

    that my comments

  5. your mom
    Posted 2011/11/03 at 13:01 | Permalink

    spill across three posts

  6. brenbarn
    Posted 2023/02/17 at 20:49 | Permalink

    This is stuff

  7. Some guy
    Posted 2023/02/17 at 20:50 | Permalink

    This is a test

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